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Below you can find a list of each of our committees, their members,
and those members' contact email addresses.


Architectual Committee

Tim Oneil

Dan Stroud

Rod Sipe

Reed Childers

Angela Cummings

Loren Lance

Audit Committee

Mike Iverson

Amy Edgar

Kris Childers

Brenda Beckman

Katherine Biggerstaff

SV Beautification Committee

Sandra Sands

Ashlie Ensign

Mike Murray

Kim Laughlin

Ron Enriquez

Sue Enriquez

HV Beautification Committee


Gg Oshel

HV Lake Committee

SV Lake Committee

Scott Biggerstaff

Ashlie Ensign

Publicity Committee

Dave Zyla

Beckie Zyla

Angela Cummings

Ashlie Ensign

SV Recreation Committee

Tammy Rogers

Candace Sweet

Russell Gray

Susie Gray

Ashlie Ensign

Angela Cummings

Shelly Collins

Kent Monday

Cindy Spiker

HV Recreation Committee

Jim Guffey

Lyla Masters

Rhonda DeLaughder

Larry Tinsley

Revelle Tinsley

Rules & Regulations Committee

Loren Lance

Dave Zyla

Darin Wilson

Reed Childers

Ronnie Rogers

Larry Goddard

Vicki Capp

Laurie Tomelleri

Shelly Collinss

Sandra Sands

Cheri Nutt

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