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Many of you know I spent my entire working career, 42 years, in higher education before retiring only to be quickly lured out of retirement by the challenges of being the association manager for this Association.

The standard, high end ‘credential’ for working in higher education is the Ph.D. which I earned in 1989. After completing my oral and comprehensive exams, I swore I would never take another test except to renew my driver’s license! Well, never say never….

I am now studying to sit for the Community Associations Institute ‘CMCA’ credential. CMCA stands for Certified Manager of Community Associations. This is the credential that certifies that I have demonstrated the fundamental knowledge required to be a competent and learned association manager. Notwithstanding, I do hope my 42 years in higher education administration augment the CMCA curriculum.

The course is offered on-line and is packed with helpful information that will allow me to be a better at my job. It is a rather lengthy course and I have 120 days to master the material at which point I can sit for the certification examination. So, soon I hope, I will use the letters CMCA after my name.

I write about this because I want to be clear about my intentions. I want to do the very best I can for the Association and the members who comprise it. Some things I do may disappoint one faction while bringing glee to another, but every decision I make will be borne out of the desire to make this the very best association it can be.

Some of you have noticed already that staff changes have occurred. This is normal when a new boss arrives on the scene, so there is no need for alarm. Some jump on board and ‘get with the program’ and others decide that the timing is right for a change. Others will need to be convinced that it is either in their best interest to stay or to go.

But, in the end, I will hire/train and retain some of the very best talent in this local job market. For it will be our focused objective to make this the premier lake community in this region.

One thing that has already become clear to me in the ‘association community literature’ as I progress through this course of study is that strong communities get that way because it is the will of the collective membership. So, I will often call upon members to volunteer their time and talents to this Association. I will also be calling on one and all to help me enforce the rules and covenants that we have in existence or to change them so that they are more line with the values of the community.

So, I humbly ask for your continuous support and invite your constructive critique of my decisions and actions.


-Richard C. Morrell

Association Manager

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