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Committee Nominations


BYLAWS of our Association hold that each February the Board of Directors shall appoint committee members for the next year. BYLAWS also stipulate that there be a Chair, two or more members and a Board member liaison.

In past years the two lakes have had various separate committees. This year we will follow BYLAWS protocol and have one committee, however there may be need to have sub-committees for ‘location specific’ committee sponsored events or activities.

Again, as per BYLAWS standing committees shall be:




Architectural Control



If you would like to be considered for a committee please respond to the following items and return to the Association Main Office in person or electronically by January18, 2019:

53 Fairway Drive or


Want to be considered for the chair position: YES or NO

Email address or mobile phone number:

Plat and lot number:

Committee of interest:

Why I would like to serve on listed committee (100 words or less):

The Board will make all final decisions regarding committee membership at the February meeting.


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