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Mission statements provide direction

Yesterday I sought clearance from the Chair of the Board to begin work on a set of statements that will become the guiding principals which will instruct the work of the Office and the Association Manager. Chairman Otto granted me that clearance.

The first order of business will be to write and have approved a precise and pithy mission statement. In the past jobs I have had as an executive in higher education systems, I have insisted that a mission statement be crafted and employed. Well written mission statements are essential to operating a 'well oiled machine'. It almost goes without saying that one cannot make 'mission critical decisions' without a well-written and accepted mission statement. A mission statement provides clarity and purpose to those of us who work at the leadership level and it is quite important to those of us who do the day-to-day administration of the Association.

My thoughts are that the mission statement will be something, that when it is in near final form, we will want to vet with the membership to get their perspectives. However, word of caution is in order. Management (my team) cannot be all things to all people/members; we will endeavor to always do what is in the best interest of the Association.

Oh, and the other '...set of statements...' I alluded to in the first paragraph---watch for value and vision statements, along with annual goals to follow.

Cheers and have a fabulous Friday!

Rich C. Morrell

Association Manager

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