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Tank pump truck

Today it seems appropriate to discuss the tank truck pumping we do for members who have holding tanks.

The most important thing to know today is that we cannot pump when the temperatures drop below 23 degrees F due to the risk of a frozen pump on the truck; seizing up and causing expensive repairs and loss of service to our members due to down time for repairs. So, during these cold winter days, please plan ahead and request your pumps ahead of the days which might be lost due to cold weather.

The fact that the Association provides this service is in my view a good thing. We keep competitors honest about their charges all the while providing a continuing service that many members need.

Last year we cleared about $13,000 on this operation. It was a good year with minimal truck breakdowns and repairs. Other years, I am told, we were not as fortunate.

We need to clear a like amount this year to be able to pay for parts and labor when the truck needs repairs. We also need to be putting away funds to purchase a replacement truck as the current truck, over time, will become more of a liability than an asset.

I am now ready to do a comprehensive review of the the tank truck service and look for what should be done with it in the future.

I invite you to send me comments about your thoughts on this matter.

Thanks and have a merry Monday!

Richard C. Morrell

Association Manager

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