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Mission statement in the works


I return to the topic of a mission statement for the Association as a whole. As I indicated in an earlier blog, I want to write a mission statement that the Board will approve, and more importantly, embrace.

I now turn to you, our members-to critique the statement I have written and copied below. I have already vetted it among various staff members. That is to say that it is inclusive of the things that I want to be included. They are:

1) It is explicitly inclusive of both lake areas, even though our legal name does not included both lakes individually.

2) We will observe and uphold the current documents that govern the Association at that time.

3) It addresses the focus and intent that we are about adding value to our properties; both common and member owned.

4) It expresses the idea that we are willing to make changes to make improvements

5) It is pithy.

6) It is easy to understand.

Please carefully consider every word and forward to me your comments and concerns.

Thanks and have a top-of-the day Tuesday!

Richard C. Morrell

Association Manager

MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Board of Directors for Sugar Valley Lake Homes Assoc., INC. is to preserve and enhance the properties of both Sugar Valley and Hidden Valley by maintaining and improving the common properties of the Association and members properties alike; upholding, and when necessary, modifying the documents that govern all properties with the intent to enhance the value of both personal and common properties for all members and an Association as a whole.

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