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Addition to our crew

Today, we welcome a new member to our staff serving you at Sugar Valley and Hidden Valley.

This person's name in Jordan D. Sorrells. He is the new tank truck operator.

Jordan started last week and was hired because of his past experience of driving a dump truck. He has much to learn to do this job as he is unfamiliar with this type of truck and its functions and he must quickly get familiar with the layout and locations of all our lot owners who utilize our tank pump service. But, Jordan is a very positive person and with that attitude, it will not take long for him to be on his own and serving our members in a positive fashion.

When changes in personnel take place I always see it as an opportunity to improve services. With this change in personnel, I am putting Jordan on a 5-day a week work schedule. So, we/he will pump every day of the work week and when he is not pumping he will be working with the maintenance staff. When calling for a tank pump please advise our staff where your tank is located on your property so that we can assist Jordan in locating tanks in a timely manner as he gets used to everyone’s personal set up.

The deadline to get a pump the day of is 12 noon. If you call after that time, we will provide service the next work day. There are occasions when we must take the truck off line to service the vehicle and other times when we have repairs to do. But, with TLC to the vehicle and routine maintenance we will try to keep these off-line times to a minimum.

So, members, I ask you to monitor your tanks so that emergency weekend pumps are not needed. I do want you to know that if that does occurs, you will need to call a provider from the private sector, we will not be doing any emergency pumps after hours or on the weekends.

As always, your thoughts, comments and ideas are important to me. I appreciate the feedback and comments I am getting and I want to encourage you to keep doing that!


Richard C. Morrell

Association Manager

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