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Guiding Statement

Guiding Statements

With the recent Sunday edition of the KC Star there seems to be regional interest in the actions and activities of HOAs in the Kansas City Area.

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I am very happy to report that at the past two Board Meetings we have had approved three very important statements that I drafted, crafted, vetted, and edited to final form. They serve as the basis of how I intend to conduct business operations on behalf of the Association.

Below, I have included the statements in their totality.

In short, our mission is to enhance the quality of life for our members and increase the value of the properties. I can assure you that every major decision I have made so far and will make in the future is driven by our mission. Members may disagree with a decision that I make, but they will be hard pressed to ever say it is a decision that stands in opposition to our mission. The Board and the staff have heard me say numerous times that one cannot make mission-critical decisions unless there is a clear mission statement. With due thanks to the Board, we have one!

We also have a vision statement. Simply, it is to aspire to be the premier lake association in the region. We know people have choices about where they want to live, recreate and spend their leisure time. We will continually be assessing what our competition is doing and do everything in our power and control to bring to our members and potential members the best of what is available in the region.

The third statement that the Board has approved is a values statement. This goes to the heart of who we are and what we will be to the Association and its members. We intend to be an organization of high character who in the short run and for years to come will be counted on to speak the truth, do what is right and honest and work hard for the benefit of the Association and ALL people who constitute our membership.

It is my sincere belief that if we adhere to these statements we are in for many, many years of prosperity. It will be my highest priority to lead this organization with these guiding statements. In advance, your corporate and individual support of me and what I stand for will be greatly appreciated. Having said that, I will work hard each and every day to earn your trust and respect.

MISSION: The mission of the Sugar Valley Lake Homes Assoc., INC. is to preserve and enhance the properties of Sugar Valley and Hidden Valley by maintaining and improving the common and personal properties of the Association and members. This will be accomplished by upholding, and when necessary, modifying the documents that govern all properties with the unwavering intent to promote the common benefit and enjoyment of the members of the Association as a whole. --approved 2018-02-15

VISION: Through foresight, planning, persistence, and professional engagement, build a reputation as the premier community lake home association in the region. --approved 2018-03-15

VALUES: 1. Service with honesty, integrity, dependability, accuracy and reliability. 2. Administration of rules, regulations and covenants in a just manner. 3. Collaborative, supportive, diverse, and inclusive in thoughts and actions. 4. Cultivation of a member-first driven culture and environment with exemplary stewardship, and commitment to excellence..

Richard C. Morrell

Association Manager

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