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Apparently April Fools on us all.....

April Fools

To my dismay and to the dismay of many other members, April weather (RE: cold weather) has been very unpredictable. That has caused us to delay indefinitely the opening of the Association shower houses.

Our plan moving forward is to monitor the trends regarding temperatures and not open the shower houses until it is safe to do so and not be concerned about pipes freezing and bursting. We certainly do not need or want extensive, expensive and time consuming replacement of water pipes due to inadequate planning and execution. Please know that the average last day of freezing for this area in May 1- 10.

Therefore, moving forward we will monitor the temperature trends and open the shower houses when the likely treat of frozen water pipes is no longer an issue. Your patience and understanding regarding this issue is greatly appreciated.

Richard C. Morrell, Association Manager

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