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Here it is on a late Friday afternoon as I begin to tap out a few lines about OUR Association.

I use the term OUR very deliberately. This home lake association is ours, It belongs to us members! I was quite purposeful when I was drafting the mission statement to be clear that we were going to be about improving the quality of lives for our members while increasing the value of the properties. I can say with great confidence we are ‘on that road’.

Have we got there? NO! But, we are definitely on the way to our aspirational goal of being the best home lake association in the region. And; we are going to achieve that goal by abiding by our stated values, which in short are honesty, hard, and smart work.

I mentioned in a previous post that I spent 42 years in administration in higher education. The pinnacle of that career was being Vice President at large, diverse institutions in which I had oversight for hundreds of employees and millions of dollars. So, at my station in life the generic ‘administrative’ responsibilities of my job are quite familiar. What has been the challenge for me is applying that skill set in the very unfamiliar milieu of home lake association oversight.

To tackle that new administrative twist I have been taking an on-line course offered by our national professional association that is designed to aid and assist new home owner managers. One general theme throughout my studies so far has been that an association derives most of its power, prosperity and purpose collectively from the member base. In my short two months on this job, I can attest to that notion.

When opening the swimming pool seemed in doubt because of the expense, we had members step up and make contributions ($$, labor, expertise, opinion, etc.) so that it now seems quite likely that our pool will be open on or near the traditional start date of Memorial Day. It is not yet a ‘done deal’ but I think an on time opening of the pool is eminent. Hail to the members!!!!

Our volunteer committees are hard at work doing great things for the community at large.

Members have during these first two months routinely emailed me, called me or have visited me in person to offer expert advice on road maintenance, lake and dam management, construction codes, etc. and to even to tell me, quite appropriately I might add, to travel our roads at a bit slower speed! The positive power borne out of OUR membership does, can and will propel this Association to being a preeminent lake home association not only in our region – but, beyond. Just today a member noted our efforts in working with the Board to transform the SVL Club House into a more family friendly venue and offered us at no charge, a delivered and set up, good quality 8-ball pool table for us to have.

Moving forward we have a multitude of challenges to address. I often tell the staff certain things did not get this way overnight and it will not get fixed overnight. Patience, persistence and practicality will allow us to successfully prevail. I look forward to employing sound administrative oversight and use of ‘best practices’ gleaned from other associations across the USA to advance our aggressive, forward thinking agenda. But, please know that your ‘pet project’ may not get the most immediate action, but in due time will be considered based upon its own merits and how it will benefit our entire membership at large.

So, members, please keep on giving me your best ideas, thoughts and efforts as we build a truly unique and vibrant home lake community right here in Linn and Bourbon County Kansas.

Please have a blessed weekend with family, friends and other loved ones.

Richard C. Morrell, Association Manager

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