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If you have a holding tank on Association property, you probably will want to read this.

Winter weather presents some challenges for us as we do our best to provide prompt and reliable tank pumping service. So, please know these things:

  1. We can’t pump tanks when the air temperature is below 28 F degrees. Our truck is equipped with a couple of pumps that work in tandem to pump your holding tanks. If the temperature gets much below freezing, we run the risk the fluids we are pumping starting to freeze into solids. This has the potential to seize up our pumps and perhaps break them. We can’t afford to let that happen. So, I have a clear directive to my staff to not pump unless the air temperature is 28 degrees or above. One often misunderstood concept is that wind chill reading is the true test of when things will freeze. This is simply not true. For example, if the wind chill reading is 25 degrees and the actual temperature in 34 degree water will not freeze. Understand this: when things freeze is not affected by wind chill readings. The only reading that counts is the actual Fahrenheit reading of 32 degree or lower.

  2. Slick and icy roads or driveways: There are times when it is not advisable to try to pump a tank when getting to it involves dangerous maneuvering that could result in us getting our truck stuck or having it slide into a building or other structure.

Because of the circumstances described herein, we may not be able to pump tanks for a day or two or even longer. My advise to all of you is to monitor the weather closely as you monitor your tank filling. For example, if your tank is nearing full capacity and you see existing or approaching bad weather, call us and get it pumped before the weather turns bad. Take special care to know when temperatures are forecast to be no warmer than 28 F for an extended period of time.

Please feel free to call or come in and talk to me about this if you need further information.


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