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Pool Problems

This morning, (May 21, 2019), as our maintenance workers and I arrived to work at the Sugar Valley Lakes Club House, we were shocked to see several cracks, gaps and breaks in the swimming pool infrastructure. We are told that the deluge of recent rains resulted in water accumulating in the subsoil below the pool and it actually lifted up the pool as if it were a boat in shallow water that suddenly encountered deeper water. The south end of the pool is about 4 inches higher than normal. The lifting effect is what caused the cracks, gaps and breaks to the infrastructure including damage to the pool walls, rim, deck and pipes.

We are now filling the pool with water with the hope it will force the pool back down to its original location. If that works, and there is a good chance it won’t, we will still need to repair and seal the cracks, gaps and breaks in the pool walls, rims and deck. Likely, we will have to redo existing pool plumbing as well.

All of this is to say, the pool will not be opening this weekend and it may be several days before we even know enough about the condition of the pool to know when it might once again be open.

I will keep all updated as I have new information to share.


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