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Updates, Openings, and More

Good afternoon! We have been working tirelessly to prepare for the coming holiday weekend and to offer you as many amenities as possible while still following state and local health guidelines.

We are now officially opening the bathhouses at both Sugar Valley and Hidden Valley on Friday morning. The bathhouses will be locked and you can pick up your key at either clubhouse. The bathhouses at Hidden Valley will be unlocked until 4pm when the clubhouse opens.

If you had a key last year, you will need to exchange it as the locks have been changed. If you do not have a key from last year, there is a $10 fee to get a key. In order to exchange or get a first-time key you will need to be current on dues.

While using the bathhouse facilities, please follow social distancing guidelines and do your part to keep the bathhouses clean.

We will also begin renting golf carts again starting on Friday. In order to encourage compliance with social distancing, the carts will be one-per-person, with the exception of people from the same household, who may share a cart.

If you have not yet tagged your boats or recreational vehicles you can do so at either clubhouse! Please remember proof of ownership and proof of insurance. You can also register online by going to our website ( and clicking on Payments & Registration. After filling out the forms online, all you have to do is swing by the clubhouse to pick up your stickers.

Hidden Valley Clubhouse will be staying open until 10pm on Friday and Saturday. The rest of the clubhouse hours will be normal: Hidden Valley will be closed Sunday and Monday, and Sugar Valley will be open Friday & Saturday 8am - 8pm, Sunday 8am - 6pm, and Monday 8am - 7pm. Don't forget to check out the delicious food at both clubhouses! Both locations are currently take-out only.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend (from a safe social distance) and hope you enjoy your Memorial Day festivities!

Steve Spencer

Association Manager

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