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Boat Safety

As some of you may know, there was a boating accident on Sugar Valley Lake last week. I am very relieved and thankful that everyone involved will make a full recovery, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of boat safety.

Many boat safety practices may seem like common sense, but they are worth repeating: Always operate your vessel at a safe speed, always stay alert to what is going on inside and outside your watercraft, always keep an eye out for people / watercraft / other objects in the path of your vessel. It's also important to be aware of buoys and other navigational aids, which are placed for the safety of everyone who uses our lakes. Make sure everyone on your vessel has a properly fitted life vest.

Keep in mind that the boating lane runs counterclockwise around the lake. Make sure everyone in your party knows the hand signals when water skiing or tubing so that those on the boat can communicate safely with those on the water. These hand signals allow the skiier / tuber to communicate many messages non-verbally, such as "I'm done," I'm okay," or to tell the boat to go faster or slower. When you have a swimmer, tuber, or skiier in the water, be sure to raise your orange flag to let other boats know that someone is in the water.

A day on the lakes is a fun, memorable way to spend summer with your family and friends. By keeping these rules in mind, we can all make sure that the lake is safe for everyone who uses it.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Tracy Mayhugh

Association Manager


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