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New Facebook Page

Greetings members!

We are excited to announce our new Facebook Page. We hope you will like and follow it to stay up to date on events and announcements regarding our communities. Please also share the page with your friends so everyone can be in the loop! Here is the link:

Going forward, we will be deleting the Facebook Group that has previously been used by the Association. This was a decision of the Board of Directors, as Sugar Valley Hidden Valley Lakes Homes Assoc. is, after all, a business, and a Facebook Page is much more suited to our needs than a Facebook group. For example, Pages are public, which allows prospective members to find us on Facebook and view photos, information, and announcements.

If you have questions, concerns, or need to contact us at any time, please reach out via email or phone, as Facebook is used for sharing information and is not a reliable way to reach us. Here are the names of our office employees and their respective roles and email addresses:

Tracy Mayhugh, Association Manager:

Karen Barrett, CFO:

Stacey Fromdahl, Member Services Officer:

You can also call the office at 913-795-2120.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to see you over on our page!

Tracy Mayhugh

Association Manager


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