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Living within our means

Today, I am going to be the bearer of some bad news. I have decided that we are going to pull the 'guest' access to our internet service while in the Club House at Sugar Valley.

This will become effective on February 20 beginning at 12:00 AM.

We must make this change because we, in the administrative offices, cannot effectively do our job when guest use is even at a moderate level, let alone when it is being used heavily. Our first obligation is to keep the management of the Association as good as it can be.

Our problem is that our provider, and other available providers, cannot give us a big enough 'pipe' to handle our work internet needs and the guest use.

Our hope that at sometime in the future a provider may build access with a large enough pipe to allow broader access and be reasonable with the charges. Until that day arrives we are left with no other choice but to end guest access. This is precisely the reason we don't have internet access at Hidden Valley. No provider can give us the level of service we should expect at a price that is reasonable. Sadly, we in these less populated locales just don't get the service that those in the cities do.

For that I am very sorry.

Richard C. Morrell

Association Manager

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