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SVL Members:

With Association Board approval and consent, I send out this letter as a call for those who have interest in being a member of the SVL Architectural Control Committee.

The Board wants interested people to write a letter to the Board that:

1) declares your interest on being on this committee

2) delineates your qualifications for the position

3) includes any other information that you deem to be important to the Board to know that would bolster your standing for selection on this committee.

Duties of this important committee include:

  1. Reviewing completed construction applications,

  2. Approving, suggesting changes and/ or denying completed construction applications,

  3. Deciding on exceptions to SVL Covenants, restrictions or other rules pertaining to use of private property or building upon it.

The Board is looking for people with in making sound exceptions to rules and those who generally have keen insight into issues and have a track record of making sound decisions and judgements. Moreover, the Board is looking for members of our community wo are highly regarded in the community and already have established a reputation of honesty, integrity and exemplary stewardship to the Assocaition.


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