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The mission of the Sugar Valley Lake Homes Assoc., INC. is to preserve and enhance the properties of Sugar Valley and Hidden Valley by maintaining and improving the common and personal properties of the Association and members. This will be accomplished by upholding, and when necessary, modifying the documents that govern all properties with the unwavering intent to promote the common benefit and enjoyment of the members of the Association as a whole.


Through foresight, planning, persistence, and professional engagement, build a
reputation as the premier community lake home association in the region.


1. Service with honesty, integrity, dependability, accuracy and reliability.
2. Administration of rules, regulations and covenants in a just manner.
3. Collaborative, supportive, diverse, and inclusive in thoughts and actions.
4. Cultivation of a member-first driven culture and environment with exemplary stewardship,
and commitment to excellence.

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Tracy Mayhugh,  
Association Manager 

Comprehensive oversight of the Association and all of its related activities to inlcude but not limited to: properties, people, and policies.

Karen Barrett, Chief Financial Officer

Serves as the Association's top financial officer. Manages income and expenditure accounts of the Association and provides reports of data routinely and upon special request. 

Image by Ian Keefe

Stacey Fromdahl, Member Services Officer

Serves as the association’s employee responsible for the billing and recording of payments of all assessments.  Will also handle all property transfers.  Provides  customer service. 

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