Richard C. Morrell,

Association Manager

June 11, 2019

Please note that on Monday, June 17, 2019 the SVL Golf Course will be closed all day for routine maintenance.


June 5, 2019

Early in my professional career I was told by a mentor of mine, ‘bad news does not age well’.  It is with that thought that I share bad news.

Yesterday, I was notified by the engineer who semi-annually inspects our dams required by Kansas laws that we may be getting a call from Division of Water Resources and the Kansas Water Office about the Main Lake Dam at Sugar Valley.

If you have been following the news stations in Kansas City, they have been reporting on a water...

May 29, 2019

A special meeting of the Board has been called by Lance and Hamilton and approved by Chair St Clair-Hays.  Details follow:

          WHO:                Sugar Valley Lake Homes ASSN, INC

          WHAT:               Special meeting to discuss swimming pool repairs and associated costs


May 22, 2019

Please be advised that this holiday weekend we will be doing tank pumps.  You are encouraged to call in your request/need for a tank pump forthwith.


              $70       Monday through Friday (same day service if called in before 12 noon)*

              $100     Saturday*

              $120     Su...

May 21, 2019

This morning, (May 21, 2019), as our maintenance workers and I arrived to work at the Sugar Valley Lakes Club House, we were shocked to see several cracks, gaps and breaks in the swimming pool infrastructure.  We are told that the deluge of recent rains resulted in water accumulating in the subsoil below the pool and it actually lifted up the pool as if it were a boat in shallow water that suddenly encountered deeper water.  The south end of the pool is about 4 inch...

April 2, 2019

Association members and guests should become familiar with the information contained in the brochure that accompanies this notice.

Zebra Mussels are becoming a serious threat to our waters and the equipment, systems and boats that are part of our lakes system.  Please join in the nationwide effort to contain, control and defeat this costly, invasive and unwelcome species of aquatic life



March 27, 2019

On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, beginning at 12 o’clock noon, the Sugar Valley Golf Course will be closed for the remainder of the day for greens maintenance.

-RCM, Association Manager

March 21, 2019

Using the following web site address you can now more easily view what lots are for sale at Sugar Valley Lakes: 


Viewers of the Sugar Valley Lake map will note that most lots are in the shade of blue.  However, the lots shaded in green are for sale.  By clicking on the green lot of interest a pop-up box will appear and give more information about the lot, including a phone number and email address to be used to communicate further inter...

March 15, 2019

In November of 2018 we sent statements for the 2019 Annual Assessments that were due on March 1, 2019.  

In late February/early March we sent another mailing to those who still had not made payments.

Please be advised that those who are not paid in full by March 31 will be assessed a late fee at a rate of 6% annually.  Additionally, we will publish on our web site a list of those who are in arrears with the Association.


Association Manager

February 20, 2019

Attention: The Potluck Dinner scheduled for this Saturday, February 23rd, has been cancelled due to weather considerations. 

Stay safe and warm!

-Richard C. Morrell, Association Manager

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September 4, 2019

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